HD 2D Mandelbrot fractal set zoom animation - Trip to e240

Product picture HD 2D Mandelbrot fractal set zoom animation - Trip to e240

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Lossless quality MP4 (h264/acc)
Fractal animation rendered by teamfresh

1280x720 mp4 container

video encoding
multipass (highest quality)
h264 compression
@ 15,000 kbps
of the RAW image Data
(20 seconds of RAW data is aprox 2GB)

audio encoding
stereo (highest quality)
acc format
@ 320 kbps

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This is an incredibly deep and detailed dive into the infinitely complex and patterned Mandelbrot set.
Brought to you by teamfresh -
As this magnification is constantly increased, ever more detail that is hidden deep within the Mandelbrot fractal set is revealed to you. The details that you see become ever more complicated in front of your very eyes, Culminating up on to the point where the event horizon is reached. At this moment we find a Mandelbrot - It is so "literally" totally and absolutely infinitesimally small compared to the original Mandelbrot in the first frame, that even using "the size of the observable universe" as a scale - leaves us with a very incomplete idea as to just how large the final magnification of e240 is!!! However I will give you a clue...

E9 Jupiter's radius
1E12 Earth's orbit
1E18 distance to Alpha Centauri
1E21 Milky Way galaxy
1E42 Observable Universe

The final frame render time of this animation was
167897 (seconds) = 1.94 (days)

total iterations for the final frame
402,944,551,142 (402.95 Billion)

Mathematical Precision required -
a hefty 896 bit calcs!

Audio is a 4 track mix by teamfresh

track 1 00:00:00
"Friends" by Jahzzar
( https://www.tradebit.com )
track 2 00:05:53
"scar" by Orbique
( https://www.tradebit.com )
track3 00:08:33
"2 Stroke Zoo" by Titus 12
( https://www.tradebit.com )
track 4 00:12:00
"Nothing Happens" by Hisko Detria
( https://www.tradebit.com )

File Size: 1533.4 MBytes

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HD 2D Mandelbrot fractal set zoom animation - Trip to e240 HD 2D Mandelbrot fractal set zoom animation - Trip to e240 239062120 3.00 team-fresh Fresh Download Available!